Majok Necklace - Plant Seeds
Majok Necklace - Plant Seeds
Gift of Hope Haiti

Majok Necklace

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The majok necklace features a full strand of majok seeds. Wear it hanging or tied. This necklace pairs beautifully with majok strand earrings or majok wrap bracelets.  

Also known as “Job’s Tears,” majok beads are seeds that grow in Haiti with a natural hole running through the middle, ideal for crafting jewelry. 

  • Made from Haiti sourced majok seeds
  • Beautiful natural earthy tone seeds
  • Lightweight and versatile for every style
  • Can be worn tied, hanging, or wrapped
  • Hangs 23" 
  • Ethically made 
  • Handmade in Haiti 

Photo: Gift of Hope Haiti, all rights reserved. 

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